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Pokemmo rocks!! some tips

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1 Pokemmo rocks!! some tips on Fri May 02, 2014 5:35 pm

After u owload pokemmo dowload fire red rom and put it into roms

Also dowload heart gold rom the pokemon grafic on battle are kinda better and u can make one pokemon follow u

Go find these roms on

More things :

U can find one free Eevee in Celedon city (way: go left from pc(pokemon center) to the first path u find go up after all keft and enter to the flat is there from behind go all upstairs untill roof after go in the little house and go get the pokeball up to the table)

U can get 1 Hitmole or Hitmochan to the Safron city (way: go to the gym but for now a Rocket member is there near the gym is a fake-gym u winn the leader and he let u choose Hitmole or Hitmochan the pokebals are behind him)

Also in Safron city u can take a free lapras u go to the Rocket baze
go find the key and go to the last block and talk the kid is near the stairs to Boss of the team Rocket and he give u one lapras also before u talk to kid u must win ur rival.

To go to Safron city Rocket baze u must beat the leader goviany on Celedon city secret baze who it is on machin slots (way: it is from pc(pokemon center) left and down) u go in the game corner
and fron of one celendar is one team rocket member u must beat him and after u can see the secret stairs to the secret baze

In game corner u colect coins so u can echange it with pokemons and other things after u take one coin case (way: u go all down to the city and left u find in one restaurant or something like that on corner siting one men talk him and he give u coin case)

To go from Celedon city to Safron city u must talk to one old lady on hotel she will give u tea after go to the policeman that he isnt leav u to pass the road thing u will talk him and give him tea aand he will let u pass.

They are kinda a lot but they are usefull if u want some free pokemon and take one of the bdages is blocked from team rocket member read them
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2 Re: Pokemmo rocks!! some tips on Fri May 02, 2014 5:38 pm

Hope to find this tips for safron and celedon useful
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