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Ultraviolet's Room Eternal Flame

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1 Ultraviolet's Room Eternal Flame on Fri May 02, 2014 9:58 pm

Not sure what i should write in here xd I will just write somethings about myself in rl i'm a mechanical engineering when i have free time i like to hang out with friends r i will be on NOA I used to play football in my free time but stopped playing around the time i made NOA & can't forget xd i used to play yugioh in rl mostly at locals decks i used were different types of beatdown decks with equips & before i stopped dueling in rl i played Macro Rabbit. Now for some info about ygo online dueling I first started when i looked at a leaflet i got with a yugioh game it had a site on it which was ygo online so i decided to join i played a few games but after looking around it i saw that i would need to pay for cards if i wanted to have a gd deck so i left it. Then awhile after that probably a few years r so i looked for ygo online again & found that it closed after awhile of searching I found a yugioh game called tdoane where i dueled for awhile & was in the top 10 in the ranking i also made friends with Atif & shahroz there.Tdoane was affilated with cea at the time so i joined it & dueled a lot mostly ba's i used a fire king deck i maded around rekindling & won a lot of duels which got me noticed by people on cea who then asked me to join their team & that team was Tenchu Assassins.TA was a really great team & i learned a lot from Tenchu Assassins & also had a fun time there after awhile i decided to leave & make my own team which was Relinquished.
This is my room (I will update it later maybe xd)
Feel free 2 ask me 4 something here but if u wreck my room ur going in the fire

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